Natural alternatives to breast augmentation surgery

Woman look into breast augmentation surgery for many different reasons and with research will discover the risks involved in having an invasive surgical procedure. Going under the knife can expose you to a host of issues, including but certainly not limited to the risks involved in the administration of anaesthetic. And the post-surgery risks are just as unappealing; changes in nipple and breast sensation, scars, capsular contracture, breast pain. If you’re questioning the extremity of surgery, have studied the success stories and the failures, and are worried about whether going under the knife is the best option for you, it may feel that you’re really looking for something that seems too good to be true.

However, with new technologies, SOS by Innoxa has formulated a cream using the active ingredient Adifyline®, which is clinically proven to help boost the production of fatty tissue beneath the skin. By applying twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening to clean, dry skin, BreastVolume can firm the bust area, improve the skin’s elasticity and enhance bust volume by up to 30% after 56 days.

The cost alone is reason enough to flag interest in SOS BreastVolume, but clinical testing and trial teams have proven the results are really too good to ignore.