Natural alternatives to Botox

It seems more and more women are looking to reduce the signs of aging and by doing so are looking towards injectables to solve the problem. Whilst a trip to the clinic on your lunchbreak may feel like a great option, it certainly comes with a price tag. On top of the high cost, there are also side effects that need to be considered before making a commitment to this muscle paralysing drug. Headaches, neck pain, nausea, ptosis (a condition that causes one or both eyelids to droop), bruising and soreness are some of the more common side effects, where dysphasia and upper respiratory tract infections are less common but still need consideration. As an anti-aging solution, there is certainly a lot to think through before going ahead with this temporary procedure.

This is why innovative and non-invasive options available on the market now are taking the spotlight. SOS Notox Eye Patches have been clinically proven to have a similar result to Botox® by smoothing expression lines without the need for injections. By using Hyaluronic Acid, an active ingredient that is naturally present in the body, rather than a foreign toxin that paralyses the muscles underneath the skin, you will eliminate any potential side effects and avoid the need for expensive, invasive ongoing procedures. Notox Eye Patches can be applied by the user in the comfort of their own home and the results really offer a genuine contender in the anti-aging category that was once owned by Botox®.